Theatre Workshops

The Magic Circle Repertory Theatre offers theatre workshops for would-be performers of all ages. All except the adult workshop lead to performances at the conclusion of the workshop.

Little One's a musical theatre workshop for children ages 4 through 6.
Youth a musical theatre workshop for young people ages 7 through 16.
Master a musical theatre workshop for young people ages 10 through 19 that uses Broadway shows.
Teen a non-musical acting workshop for young people ages 13 through 19.
Adult an acting workshop for adults 18 and up that works on character development and audition techniques.

All of our workshops are performance oriented. Each of the workshops will rehearse right on the stage of the beautiful Roseville Theatre. Our students will use original scripts, as well as some popular music, to learn their chosen craft. By using original scripts for the Youth workshops the actors will each have their own individual characters. We never double or triple cast. And most importantly; everyone sings, dances and acts regardless of experience!

We use the first weeks of the Youth class to get to know the students, then we cast them in just the right part. Our goal is to challenge without overwhelming and encourage a team spirit.

The Little Ones classes are held right on the stage as well, so they become very comfortable with performing. They will learn a song and a dance while playing acting games and musical interpretation games. At the end of their six week workshop they will perform within the Youth's musical. They will work briefly with the staff choreographer and director as well as the guest artist. They are normally on stage for the finale as well as the bows. After the final performance we all meet to eat pizza and watch a video tape of the show (this is their favorite part!).

There is nothing better for one's self esteem than being part of a finished musical. It is virtually impossible to do wrong. Even if a line is missed a note is off or a step forgotten, the end result is a finished play and lots of applause. How can you not feel good about that?