How to maximize Humana Medicare Advantage Plans

How to maximize Humana Medicare Advantage Plans for 2019

In the past couple of years, Medicare has had to face unprecedented challenges concerning cost and care. National policy experts, in a bid to overcome these challenges, have come up with all kinds of ways to increase the sustainability of the program. Some of their recommendations include case management, integrated delivery systems, a schedule of fees that promote primary care, a network of contracted providers, and a new approach to payment and service delivery.

Fortunately, Humana’s Medicare Advantage plan already offer their members all of these things.

How it works?

According to data received from the National Council on Aging, up to 80% of seniors suffer from one chronic condition, while almost 70% are dealing with at least two chronic conditions. In addition, 95% of healthcare costs for elderly American citizens is a result of one chronic disease or the other. Most people aren’t aware of this but Original Medicare isn’t really a health program. It simply monitors for fraud and pays claims. However, with Humana’s Medicare Advantage (MA) plans, patients are able to attain their best health much easier.

Humana’s MA plans help improve patient health

Here are a few ways that Humana plans help to improve patient health:

  • Their Medicare advantage plans kick off with the integrated care model as well as a focus on primary care. Doctors together with their teams can then take full responsibility for their patient’s health.
  • Humana’s MA plans places strong emphasis on coordinated care, preventive care, better transitions from hospital to home, and special care programs.
  • Some benefits you can enjoy with Humana include supports and special services you normally wouldn’t get with Original Medicare. An example of this is social/ behavioral care, follow-up phone calls, on-call nurses that are available 24-hours, as well as home visits and meal-delivery after your stay in the hospital.
  • A constant flow of data, which detects gaps in care in real time helps to support care delivery while also making sure that those gaps are filled quickly.

All of these come together to make a difference in the quality of your life and health. Members of Humana MA plans have fewer re-admissions, emergency room visits, and hospitalization. They also observe an improvement in their daily activities. Members of Humana at Home, for example, observed that they experienced fewer pains, fewer falls, their moods improved so they weren’t as depressed and as sad. They also adhered to their medication better.