Theatre Seating

An important project is the reconditioning of the theatre's 610 seats. The bar here shows how close we are to our goal. To help achieve this, we have instituted an Adopt-A-Seat program.


For only $150 you can pledge to adopt a seat. Your name (or organization's name) will be engraved on a metal plate on the arm on the seat to show everyone your support of the arts.

If you have been thinking of adopting a seat, but either don't have the money now or just wanted another way to do it, then the Adopt-A-Seat program can help. You can either make payments on your seat (like a Lay-A-Way plan) or we will contact you when we have all the pledges needed and you can send in your check then.

For more information, please call the theatre at (916) 782-1777.

Here's another view of how close we are to our target...

An old seat

A new seat