Sylvia opens May 7th
[Friends] Man's best friend? Or flea-bitten cur? A creature of grace and affection? Or a fur-shedding menace to the furniture? The answer to a life grown too predictable? Or the end of a marriage? [Girls] The answer to all of these questions is: Sylvia. Magic Circle Theatre presents Sylvia by A.R. Gurney, a comedy about that eternal triangle: A man, a woman, and... a dog.

Greg and Kate have started the next phase of their lives. The kids are in college, and their lives are now their own. Kate has finished her Master's Degree and is excited about her career teaching English to [On The Couch] inner-city schools. Greg, however, is in the midst of a mid-life crisis. His job no longer interests him, and he feels disconnected with his life. Enter Sylvia. The attraction is instant. She's a saucy free spirit, just the right tonic for Greg. Kate is less than thrilled.

To Greg, Sylvia is the sporty red convertible of his soul. To Kate, Sylvia is the red wine [The Shrink] stain on the tablecloth of her new life. To Sylvia, she is herself, a dog.

A.R. Gurney is an award-winning author who has written a number of novels and over 30 plays, including The Dining Room, Love Letters, Later Life, and The Cocktail Hour. He presents humor in the most amazing situations - the drama of every day life. And you'll laugh hardest when you recognize even the most outrageous scenes have occurred, in some form, in your own life. Sarah Jessica Parker starred as Sylvia on Broadway when it opened in 1995, along with Charles Kimbrough, Blythe Danner, and Derek Smith.

[Kris Hunt] In Magic Circle's production, Kris Hunt reprises her role as Sylvia. A Magic Circle audience favorite, Kris landed herself the Bill Birdsall award for Best Actress for her performance of Sylvia last time around. On weekends, Kris can sometimes be seen as the Tortoise in the children's theatre production of The Tortoise and the Hare which is currently showing on Saturdays at 2pm. Kris was last seen on the Magic Circle mainstage as Polly in the comedy Marriage Is Murder .

[Aurelio Martinez] Kris is joined by another audience favorite, Aurelio Martinez, who plays the part of Greg. Aurelio's last visit to the mainstage was as the shady Owen Musser in Magic Circle's production of The Foreigner last season. Locally Aurelio has also performed at Garbeaus Dinner Theater, Old Eagle Theater, Sutter Street Theater, Auburn Classic Theater and Sacramento Theater Company in addition to other venues. He has also performed in Interactive Murder Mystery Dinner Theater with Affairs to Remember.

[Lee Marie Kelly] Kate, the third member of the eternal triangle, is played by Lee Marie Kelly. Lee Marie's Magic Circle Theatre credits include: Same Time Next Year, Second Time Around, The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940, A Bad Year for Tomatoes, The Diaries of Adam and Eve, and Laura. In addition, you may have seen her at Garbeaus' Dinner Theatre, Woodland Opera House, Chautauqua Playhouse, or the Arden Playhouse.

[Bily Jessip] Rounding out the cast of Sylvia is another Magic Circle regular, Bily Jessip, who plays the remaining three roles of Tom, Phyllis, and Leslie. Bily made his first appearance on the Magic Circle stage as Sasha in Fiddler on the Roof . Since then he has been going non-stop, having been involved with most productions in one way or another.

[Diane Bartlett] Sylvia is directed by Diane Bartlett who recently directed Broken Up .

Sylvia opens May 7, 2004 in the Tower Theatre, 421 Vernon Street, and plays Friday and Saturday evenings at 8:00pm (Sunday matinees at 2:00pm) through June 5. Tickets are $18.00 General Admission, $15.00 seniors & students. Children 11 and under are $6.00. Call (916) 782-1777 for reservations.