Curtain Call On-Line Volume 12 Number 4
March / April 2004

To School or Not To School... Art Is The Question
[To School...] Between the two-faced mayor and the local gang, we learn how we can make a difference in our community by volunteering. There's singing, dancing, and acting in this story about out-of-control classrooms, graffiti, and a PTA meeting scene not to be missed!
The EDLOS Fly In April 24
[EDLOS] We would love to tell you all about what's going to happen, what amazing experiences you will have, but we can't. The EDLOS jealously guard their amazing show techniques, huddling in secret, planning, deciding, choosing... And we'll all just have to wait and see.
Pasta Dinner on April 16
[Pasta] They're at it again! The Magic Circle Theatre Guild is sponsoring a Fund Raiser Pasta Dinner, followed by entertainment. If you've attended one of their Pancake Breakfasts (they've had two), you'll know you can look forward to a festive time with good food, a raffle, and a silent auction, all fun and suitable for the whole family.
Joni Morris and the After Midnight Band
[Joni Morris] Nationally acclaimed entertainer Joni Morris and the After Midnight Band perform her popular show Connie Francis and Friends. Another brilliant evening of fabulous music!

Joni Morris belts out the tunes of Connie Francis, Peggy Lee, Brenda Lee and Skitter Davis. She can sashay on stage decked in a pink and silver poodle skirt to give the audience a taste of the music for which Francis is known.

"Broken Up" Breaks Out On March 12
[Paper] Tom has had an, um, "you know", with one of his students. Now he and his wife, Meg, are literally a signature away from a legal divorce. But what's the hold up? Is it nerves of hitting the dating scene again? Are they having second thoughts about throwing away the predictable (and sometimes taken-for-granted) comforts of marriage? Or is it simply a problem over the custody of two reading lamps?
"The Tortoise And The Hare" Race To Open March 6
[Tortoise and Hare] A Magic Circle favorite is back! Join our talented troupe of adult actors as they present this story of a braggart rabbit and a determined tortoise. You don't make friends when you've got a big mouth, but you can sure make a lot of people laugh!
"Ain't Misbehavin'" The Fats Waller Musical Show
[Keyboard] Pages and pages could be devoted to the genius of Fats Waller and Ain't Misbehavin: The Fats Waller Musical Show, a tribute to his music. Actually, the success of this show was originally a surprise. It opened in 1978 and was supposed to have a limited-run at the Manhattan Theatre Club. But it was so well received it moved to Broadway and ran for 1,604 performances.
[Thanks] In February, Magic Circle Theatre mailed out a letter asking for help. And you answered.

Money started coming in immediately - small amounts, large amounts - a little bit here, and the occasional big chunk there. It's been wonderful, and we want everyone to know how grateful we are.