"The Reluctant Princess" Opens on January 17th
[Kristen Heitman is The Reluctant Princess] Rosemarie Gerould has done it again! In January we introduce a brand new story to our children's show this season, The Reluctant Princess.

If your mother is a queen and your father is a king, do you have to be a Princess? What if fluffy dresses aren't your thing? What if parades bring you down? What if you just want some time to yourself to find out who you are?

Our adult troupe brings a lot of humor to the challenge that faces all young people: Who am I, and who are these people claiming to be my parents?

Kristen Heitman (Goldielocks, Cinderella) is our princess with an identity crisis.

The Reluctant Princess will play in the Tower Theatre, 421 Vernon Street, Saturday afternoons at 2:00pm, January 17th through February 28th. Tickets are just $6.00. Call (916) 782-1777 for information (reservations are not required).