"The Man of La Mancha" Opens the New Year
[Windmill] Two men are thrown in prison by the Spanish Inquisition. One is a novelist, Miguel de Cervantes y Saavedra, arrested for collecting taxes from a church. The other is his faithful servant. Quickly they learn they will have to survive more than one trial. Their fellow prisoners, bloodthirsty thieves and murderers, drag the two men to their leader, The Governor, to present their case.

[John Chitambar, Jason Hammond, Orlana Klip] Being a novelist, Cervantes convinces The Governor that his defense should take the form of an entertainment. He will present the story of a country squire who, overwhelmed by the evil that men do toward men, put aside his sanity and set out into the world as a knight errant, dubbing himself Don Quixote of La Mancha, champion of the oppressed and righter of wrongs. The Governor agrees, and Cervantes begins to spin his tale. And the audience is transported by one of the greatest, most powerful musicals ever written.

James E. Roberts is directing this story of sword play, music, and dreams, supported by the excellent musical direction of Jennifer Vaughn. John Chitambar (most recently seen in Rumors) stars as Cervantes, along with Jason D. Hammond (director of You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown) as his servant, Sancho, and Orlana Klip (a newcomer to Magic Circle) as the disdainful Aldonsa. Add in a supporting cast of both familiar and new faces, and we're sure you'll fall in love with this incredible show.

The Man of La Mancha opens on Friday January 9th in the Roseville Theatre, 241 Vernon Street, and plays Friday and Saturday evenings at 8:00pm (Sunday matinees at 2:00pm) through Saturday February 14th. Tickets are $16.00 seniors and students, $19.00 General Admission. Children 11 and under are $5.00. Call (916) 782-1777 for reservations.