Curtain Call On-Line Volume 10 Number 5
May / June 2002

Find out "How The Other Half Loves" on May 17
[How The Other Half Loves] Does anyone remember those articles in Glamour and Cosmo about how to be the perfect "corporate wife"? ... On the subject of these corporate men and their wives having affairs with co-workers, all the magazines agreed on one thing - Don't Do It! Fortunately, nobody in How The Other Half Loves bothered to read those articles. Otherwise, we wouldn't have this very funny play about an affair, a lie, and two very different dinner invitations; all from the creative mind of Alan Ayckbourn.
Auditions for "CHICAGO"
[Chicago Auditions] The auditions for CHICAGO will be held at the Roseville Theatre, 241 Vernon St. Roseville on Monday, May 20th at 7:30pm with callbacks on Tuesday, May 21st (and possibly Wednesday, May 22nd), also at 7:30pm.