Alice and the Time Machine Continues...
[The Time Machine] Bob Gerould's fanciful story of Alice, of Wonderland fame, who happens to live next door to Mr. H. G. Wells continues on Saturday afternoons at 2:00pm through December 2nd.

[Alice, Kitty and Kitten] In our story Alice discovers a strange machine while walking her two cats. While examining the machine, she accidentally pushes a button and transports all three of them to another place and another time. Alice, played by Brittany Candau and her two cats, Kitty, (Cassie March) and Kitten, (Erin Mulvey) have many adventures and meet many characters, some you may recognize, while trying to return to England. Alice and the Time Machine is a fun filled, musical treat written for and presented by young people.

Completing the cast are Kacey Williams, Nick Adorno, Samantha Ellinwood, Katherine Coppola, Katy Lewis, Megan Lewis, Audrey Kitchell, Kourtney Howe, Meredith Lee, and Jennifer Romano. All of the young people in the cast have been selected to appear in this show from our workshop programs.

Tickets for Alice and the Time Machine are only $5 and may be purchased at the door.

We can even host your child's birthday party at the Magic Circle Rep. for performances of Alice and the Time Machine. For more information call our box office at 782-1777.