Curtain Call On-Line Volume 9 Number 6
July / August 2001

15th Fantastic Season
[Masks] The Magic Circle Repertory Theatre is excited to announce its main stage season of shows for 2001-2002! This year is packed with favorite musicals, funny comedies and a Sacramento area premiere!
My Fair Lady Delayed, will open New Season!
[Parasol] The best laid plans of mice and theatre producers have a way of going awry, or as in this case, getting behind. Due to the exorbitant trail of paper needed to proceed with our remodel, our regular schedule of shows has been interrupted...
Construction Update
[Construction Hat] Peeking out from our dustcovered desks, there is plenty of evidence that work is ongoing. All of our chairs have been removed, been refurbished, and anxiously await their return to their rightful spots...