Curtain Call On-Line Volume 9 Number 5
May / June 2001

"Catch Me If You Can" at Roseville High School - New Location - New Dates!
[Levine, Corban and Mrs. Corban(?)] The Magic Circle Rep's next main stage production, the mirth filled mystery, Catch Me If You Can by Jack Weinstock and Willie Gilbert will be performed at the Roseville High School J. B. Gayle Little Theatre. The reason for this change is that our Adopt-a-Seat program has raised enough money to have all of the seats in the Roseville Theatre removed for renovation. Due to scheduling conflicts with the high school, Catch Me If You Can will open on May 18th, 2001 - one week later than first announced.
Attention First Nighters!
[Cake] The First Nighter party for the opening of Catch Me If You Can will occur as scheduled at 6:45pm on May 18th in the lobby of the J. B. Gayle Little Theatre at Roseville High School.
From The Producer
[Inkpen Nib] Greetings: By this time I had hoped to be telling you of the marvelous season we have picked for our 15th season in Roseville. Several things have intervened to hold up that announcement...
Auditions for My Fair Lady
[Notes] Auditions for My Fair Lady will be held at the Roseville Theatre on May 14th, 15th, 16th at 7:30pm.
Adopt-A-Seat Update
[The seats are leaving...] What is the connection between President Teddy Roosevelt, the Great White Fleet, and our theatre seating?
Summer Master Youth Workshop
[Cool Dude] The Master Youth Workshop will be presenting Bye Bye Birdie this summer. Note that all performances will be at Woodcreek High School.
Workshop Registration is On-Going
[Clipboard] We are continuing to accept registration for all of our workshop programs. The Summer Youth and Little Ones workshop begins June 19th for the Tuesday session, June 20th for the Wednesday session and June 21st for the Thursday session...
Summer Youth and Little Ones Workshop Show
[Dynamite] Another melodrama in which we find our heroin, Sweet Hannah Sue, and her six sisters fending off the proposals of Jim Dandy and his band of Merry Mounties...