How To Travel With Senior Citizens

How To Travel With Senior Citizens

No age limit is present to travel. Seniors may have family in other countries who they wish to meet. You should not hesitate when a senior family member asks you to travel with them. It is not as tough as you may think. Read on to find out about some things to keep in mind when traveling with older people. Visit to get information on 2020 medicare advantage plans to plan ahead.

Try Booking A Non-Stop Flight

If it is possible you should try and book a good non-stop flight. It is better to avoid taking regional jets. Non-stop flights are preferred rather than connecting flights so that the chance of some missed connection can be minimized.

This will even limit total travel time. Therefore it is better to opt for a non-stop flight, also if this means that you will have a higher fare.

Find Senior Discounts

You can look for some senior discounts, but you should not look very hard for these. There are some airlines that say they offer some kind of senior discount, nevertheless, those fares may be elusive. You need to be alert of these and not get trapped into phony ones.

Select The Correct Disability Choices

This is an important part of the booking process. There are some airlines that let passengers choose disability options when they are booking their flight. Others need the customer to directly contact the airline via phone so as to request these choices separately.

You may want to consider the option which only requests assistance occurring to and also from the gate. Requesting assistance that is to as well as from the aircraft seat may force the seniors to stay on board till every passenger has deplaned. This can take much time.

What Time To Travel

When traveling with seniors, you should travel during the correct time of day. Seniors may not have the energy that they once had. Traveling in the morning time when it is early or at night may be tiring. If it is possible to try and get mid-morning or maybe early afternoon departures.

You should not leave your older family members to remain bored at home always. Take them abroad on a trip with you. Travel with them. You can keep care of them during the travel. There are also flights that have services for senior citizens. Make sure that you know what these are. Seniors also have the right to enjoy traveling.


Tips To Minimize Risk Factor In Making Investment

Tips To Minimize Risk Factor In Making Investment

People say that finding the right balance between the risk and return is near to impossible thing. Luckily there are various ways that you can follow to minimize the risk factor, and these can ultimately result in increasing your potential return.  Here are a few tips by which you can minimize your risk in an investment;  Click here to get an AARP medicare supplement plan to invest in your healthcare.

Diversify your Investment

  • There is an old saying that you need not put all eggs in a single basket. So, one of the keys behind minimizing your risk is to diversify your investment.
  • You can create multiple portfolios of your investment instead of making a single investment.
  • This means that you will be spreading your capital across a number of companies and organizations.
  • If one of the company defaults, it does not mean that your whole investment is gone, instead, you may well have to face a small portion of loss and rest is secured.
  • You can diversify by making a combination of stocks, real estate, bonds, and other commodities.

Consider Savings, EFTs, and Mutual Funds 

  • If you are looking to start your investment career, it is recommended to start with savings, money deposit accounts, mutual funds, and
  • Mutual funds and EFTs are a type of group of a collection of stocks.
  • Both types of investments are being watched and monitored by a specially designated person in the financial institutions, so the risk is much reduced under his/her supervision.
  • The basic role of that person is to maximize the profit as much as he can.
  • You do not have to pay an extra fee for the supervision, as it is part of your management fee in your investment.
  • On the other hand, EFTs are not watched by any designated person, these are put together in the form of stock and it does not change, so the risk factor is reduced.

Reduced Your Risk By Hedging The Portfolio

  • Last but not least is to hedge your investment portfolio.
  • Hedging is basically an investment practice where it acts as insurance against loss.
  • All you need to do is to use is correctly and timely.
  • Hedging your investment may well reduce the risk and can play a role in protecting your portfolio against loss.
  • You can avail this opportunity gold, silver, commodities and in forex.

How are Medicare supplement premiums (Medigap) calculated?

How are 2019 Medicare supplement premiums (Medigap) calculated?

One of the key factors in determining which Medicare supplement policy is right for you is the monthly contribution, especially if you have a limited budget. The monthly premium depends on the type of Medigap plan you select (Plan A, B, C, etc.) and the company where you buy it.

There are10 different kinds of Medigap plans which states can offer. The services are standardized for each type of plan, that is, the services are the same regardless of where you live. The exceptions are Massachusetts, Minnesota and Wisconsin, which offer different standardized benefits.

Bear in mind that monthly premiums are set by individual Medigap insurance companies, so the cost varies from one company to another. For example, if you buy a Medigap A plan, a plan A from one company may cost more than another plan A, even if both plans offer the same benefits.

How insurers determine the prices of Medigap plans

One reason why prices are so different is that each insurance company decides how they choose to set premiums for Medigap policies. There are three ways in which a company can qualify or evaluate its Medigap policies:

Community rated: this is also known as “no age rating” as no matter how old you are, the plans cost the same. Due to inflation or other factors, premiums may increase but not according to age.

Issue-age-rated: Also known as “entry-age-rated” because the premium depends on your age at the time of purchase. When you buy your policy, you will be charged the same amount as other people have in your plan. In the case of guidelines with an issue rating, people have lower premiums if they join the plan later. Premiums may increase due to inflation or other factors, but not according to their age.

Attained- age-rated: for this plan, the cost of the premiums is based on your age when you enroll in the plan. These plans are more favorable, especially for younger buyers, but the amount of the premium automatically increases with age. Premiums can also increase due to inflation and other factors.

When reconciling plans, always ask how an insurance company rates their policies, since this factor can affect the amount you pay now and in the future.

What other factors can influence Medigap policy premium?

The biggest impact on the amount you pay for a Medicare supplement plan, and if the insurer accepts it, is enrollment. Your Medigap open enrollment period is the best time to enroll in a Medicare supplement. It begins automatically when you are at least 65 years of age and enrolled in Medicare Part B.

Regardless of pre-existing conditions or disabilities, you have the guaranteed-issue right to enroll in a Medigap plan. Insurers cannot refuse you coverage if you have health problems or are charged a higher premium.

After this time, it may be difficult to join or change Medigap plans. If you have health problems, Medigap insurers may charge a higher rate, need medical insurance underwriting, or refuse coverage.

Medicare Coverage and Cancer Treatment Pt2

2019 Medicare Coverage and Cancer Treatment Pt2

Medicare Advantage plans often include additional benefits, such as: the supply of prescription drugs and routine dental care that may be helpful for a patient receiving cancer treatment.

Medicare prescription drugs for cancer treatment.

Medicare Part B may extend to prescription drugs, including some prescription drugs for cancer that you will be given orally. You can also be insured for anti-nausea medications to treat the symptoms of cancer chemotherapy treatment. In these situations, you will usually pay 20% of the Medicare approved amount after the annual Medicare Part B deductible has been applied. If you are hospitalized, Medicare Part A generally covers the prescription drugs you receive as part of your cancer treatment for inpatients.

For drugs not covered by Original Medicare, you will need Medicare Part D or you will pay the full cost of these prescription drugs. You can get this optional coverage through an independent Medicare Part D prescription drug plan or a Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug plan. Keep in mind that not all cancer treatment drugs are covered by any Medicare prescription drug plan or the Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug Plan. Get quotes at for 2019 advantage plans.

Review the plan (list of covered prescription drugs) of the plan you have or are considering to see if the medications you need are included. The formulas of a plan can change at any time. If necessary, you will receive a notification from your plan.

It is important to review your prescription drug coverage each year, as Medicare Part D prescription drug prescriptions and Medicare Advantage prescription drug prescriptions can lead to editorial changes and cost.

Complementary Medicare plans for cancer treatment.

Initial Medicare treatment for cancer treatment will incur costs you will have to pay, such as the coinsurance and co-insurance listed above. If you are enrolled in Medicare Part A and Part B, you can enroll in a Medicare Advantage (Medigap) program to cover the cost of the original Medicare associated with your cancer treatment. Different Medigap plans pay different costs, for example, co payments, co insurance and deductibles.

Does Medicare cover wigs for cancer patients?

Now, according to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), some types of chemotherapy treatments for cancer cause hair to fall out of the head and other parts of the body. You could wear a hat or a scarf to cover your head, but some people prefer a wig with natural-looking hair. The prices of the wigs depend on the length of the wig and whether it is made of synthetic materials or human hair, but it could cost hundreds of dollars and even thousands of dollars. Unfortunately, Medicare does not usually cover wigs for cancer patients who undergo cancer treatment. However, you may be receiving help from a non-profit organization to obtain a free or low-cost wig. Some non-profit organizations, such as Friends Are by Your Side, work with local salons to organize wig engagements.

You may need to document your hair loss as a side effect of chemotherapy and you may not be able to purchase a wig on your own for organizations such as Lolly’s Locks. The American Cancer Society can also accept and distribute new wigs for free in its local chapters.

Medicare and Disability Coverage

Do you have Medicare insurance due to a medical condition? If you have recovered from the health situation that qualified you for Medicare, you may lose Medicare insurance.

However, you do not automatically lose your Medicare coverage just because you are no longer entitled to social benefits. How do you know when your Medicare coverage ends? Get more information in this article.

The Medicare program is available to certain people with disabilities under the age of 65. These people must have received social security benefits for 24 months, or have amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease), or end-stage renal disease (ESRD). There will be a waiting period of five months after a beneficiary is considered disabled before a beneficiary benefits from social benefits for the disabled. People with ALS and ESRD, unlike those with other causes of disability, do not have to earn benefits for 24 months to qualify for Medicare.

If I’m disabled, who decides if I get Medicare insurance?  Get information on medicare advantage plans at for 2019.

The Social Security Administration (SSA) will decide if you qualify for social security benefits, including Medicare coverage. The SSA classifies disabilities into 3 categories:

  • Expected medical improvement
  • Possible medical improvement
  • Medical improvement is not expected

The SSA checks if your condition is likely to improve, so you can go back to work. The agency occasionally conducts competency checks to see if your condition has improved. They verify your current condition and use approved medical guides by the state and other sources to decide if you are qualified.

For people who suffer from permanent and severe disabilities, there is no “due date” for their social security benefits. While you are still challenged, you will still receive disability benefits until you attain the age of retirement. At this time, benefits are converted into pension benefits and paid until death. Your Medicare coverage will normally continue without interruption.

Can I get Medicare insurance if my disability benefits are suspended?

Your Medicare insurance may continue if disability benefits from your Social Security Administration (SSA) are suspended. For example, your Medicare benefits may persist:

  • If your SSA benefits were terminated because you could work
  • If you have not recovered from your qualified medical condition

SSA has many types of programs that help people with disabilities return to work. For instance, the extension of the Medicare coverage period allows you to receive Medicare protection for a limited time after you return to work. Even when the end of the extended Medicare insurance has reached, you can buy Medicare Part A and B by payment of monthly premium if you still have a medical condition.

Will my Medicare coverage end when I get better?

To avoid mismanagement of taxpayer’s money, SSA will notify Medicare if you no longer qualify for Medicare disability benefits. You will be notified if your Medicare coverage ceases because you recovered from the disability for which you were entitled. Your Medicare insurance usually ends one month after receiving this notice.

If you lose your Medicare insurance because you have recovered from a disability, you may have other health care options.


Although the big picture for Medicare Supplement Plans 2019 says much, however, these supplements are helpful at that time to resolve your financial issue regarding Medical bills. These Medicare policies are almost covers your medical expenses. However, there will be some gaps that this policy does not covers, at that time these supplements full fill your medical needs. There are lots of insurance companies around the world offering these Medicare supplement plans. These supplement polices are entirely sold and managed by the private insurance companies. However, the government insurance companies are not issuing these policies. But the government has allowed these private companies to sell only 12 standards Medicare supplements. These standards are having different benefits and coverage varies from company to company. However, if a company issues the policy under any standards above said, the remaining companies are also should do the same. Before taking any supplement policy, it is mandatory to go through the standards from A through L, because the premium rates may differ from company to company.


The internet helps us to purchase these Medicare supplement plans for 2019 like sites such as to replace the current policy to another one. Lot of insurance companies are having their own web site, all that you need to fill the online quote, then you will receive the comparison rates of all leading insurance companies. From that you can choose your policy which is suitable to your budget and needs. After that you need to file the personal information in an application and submit it, you will receive your policy within specified days. If you experiencing any issues while getting comparison rates and submitting the application, it is better to take the help of respect insurance agents.



They are much familiar with guideline of the insurance companies; they will definitely resolve your issue. And it is much easier job to compare the insurance rates with the help of a respectable insurance agent. And here is an important point after purchasing the Medicare; you need to enroll to obtain the Medicare supplement plan with in thirty days of policy purchasing. This will helps you to obtain and improved coverage at better rate. And also if you are beneficiary of the original Medicare part A and B, you can also enroll for Medigap plans. Lastly, the main point is when you are purchasing supplement policy at few dollars per month, the coverage will save you hundreds or thousands.



Health Care Providers

January 1, 2006 denoted the turning of another page in Medicare history with the usage of expansive enlistment to Medicare Part D. While some have called it the most significant change to the program since its origin, we as a whole know at this point it didn’t occur without detectable worry for some seniors and qualified recipients.


Speaking to an across the nation therapeutic charging organization, I’ve heard a considerable lot of our customers – health care suppliers and practice proprietors over the US – comment how their patients are swinging to them for help. A large portion of these suppliers keep up a characteristic feeling of care for their patients (maybe why they entered prescription in any case), however can’t help because of constrained assets, plan learning or time. Most have enough on their plate simply keeping up on the most recent medicinal news, also dealing with their training.

It is common for adults that qualify to enroll in a Medicare Supplement Plans for 2019 to save money.

Along these lines, to help doctors in helping their patients, I figured it may be useful to look into a couple of the most every now and again made inquiries and assemble some trustworthy reference focuses to pass on to patients…


Who is qualified for the Medicare Part D doctor prescribed medication plan?

Scope is willful and accessible to ALL individuals with Medicare. There is a large number of decisions in plan composes, levels of scope and premiums and co-pays for both non specific and brand name remedies. Extra help is additionally accessible for constrained salary Medicare members.


At the point when would they be able to select?


Enlistment for the physician recommended medicate plan started November 15, 2005 and proceeds until May 15, 2006. If picking a plan before December 31, 2005, scope is successful on January 1, 2006. For those picking a plan after December 30, 2005, scope winds up compelling on the first of the month following the enlistment decision. After May 15, 2006 enlistment is as yet accessible, however enrollees can expect that premiums will increment.


In what manner can qualified recipients enlist?


Enlistment data is accessible online at, or call 1-800-MEDICARE (1-800-633-4227). TTY clients should call 1-877-486-2048.


What are the expenses related with Medicare Part D?


At the point when Medicare recipients join the plan, they will have a month to month premium (averaging around $32, contingent upon the scope they pick) and co-pays identified with the remedies writes (i.e. mark name versus bland). It’s imperative for enrollees to think about the present cost of their remedies and weigh out the expenses and advantages of the best choices.


What elements should enrollees consider when settling on their choice?


While picking a plan inside the professionally prescribed medication scope, enrollees will profit by thinking about the present cost of the medicines and the cost under the different plan choices, at that point consider premiums and co-pays and choose which plan may bear the cost of the most advantage.


Where would i be able to discover different assets for my patients?


Likely the most nitty gritty “authority” reference point for suppliers has been issued by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) through the Provider Tool Kit. It incorporates reproducible patient leaflets, fast certainties flyers in English and Spanish that can be posted in your holding up room, and also a letter from CMS Administrator Mark McClellan.


AARP gives point by point survey of the doctor prescribed medication plan on its site also at that incorporates a “Guard dog report,” Blog and that’s just the beginning.


The Kaiser Family Foundation has made the Resource on the Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit pages, offering articles, general data, plan rundowns and research reports.


As noted over, these are only a couple of the most much of the time made inquiries. There are numerous different assets out accessible, however these have all the earmarks of being among the most thorough and easy to understand from our examination.

Why Enroll in Plan D?

Medicare part D is a prescription drug benefit program supported by Medicare. This program gives recipients basic choices; that is to enrol in a Medicare drug plan and stay in traditional Medicare, register in a private health plan which may or may not cover prescription charges.

Many older adults enroll in a Medicare Supplement Plans 2019 to save money and costs of medical bills.
Medicare Part D involves costs that are the same to those found with any prescription insurance coverage plan or medical standard. These costs include copays, yearly deductibles, and premiums. The price of an individual will always vary depending on the medication they choose, the pharmacy they select and which specific plan they want. When participants become eligible for the program, they can, therefore, opt to enroll. However, late enrollment will incur a penalty unless otherwise, for example, having a prescription coverage.

There are some reasons why you should enroll in Medicare part D;

It is not mandatory. You do not need to sign up for Medicare Part D if you have Medicare parts A and B. Also, you may opt out of part D if your medications are covered from Veterans benefits at a lower cost. However, you may have to pay a penalty fee or higher premiums if you choose to enrol at a later time.

It is not standardized across plans. However, a drug that is tier 1 (which may have no co-pay) on one method may be classified as a tier 2 (which may have a high co-pay) on another plan.

Medicare part D formularies change every year. Don’t expect that a medication covered in one year will be included in the next year. Note that formularies vary every year because of the different drugs that come to the market annually as well as the cost of various medicines.

Part D plan is not a choice to be messed up with; a prior decision should be made first. It enables senior residents to pay for their medication and is a critical issue that they should be educated about. Medicare Part D must be purchased from a health upkeep association or an insurance organization.


Medicare part D will always pay 75% of the medications prescribed by the doctor to a point where the total cost of drugs advocated by the physician comes to $2,830. At this point, you should pay 100% of the expenses until your aggregate cost comes to $4550. Reaching this period is known as donut opening. These deductions are made yearly, and after that, your out-of-take add up to begins back at zero.







How to maximize Humana Medicare Advantage Plans

How to maximize Humana Medicare Advantage Plans for 2019

In the past couple of years, Medicare has had to face unprecedented challenges concerning cost and care. National policy experts, in a bid to overcome these challenges, have come up with all kinds of ways to increase the sustainability of the program. Some of their recommendations include case management, integrated delivery systems, a schedule of fees that promote primary care, a network of contracted providers, and a new approach to payment and service delivery.

Fortunately, Humana’s Medicare Advantage plan already offer their members all of these things.

How it works?

According to data received from the National Council on Aging, up to 80% of seniors suffer from one chronic condition, while almost 70% are dealing with at least two chronic conditions. In addition, 95% of healthcare costs for elderly American citizens is a result of one chronic disease or the other. Most people aren’t aware of this but Original Medicare isn’t really a health program. It simply monitors for fraud and pays claims. However, with Humana’s Medicare Advantage (MA) plans, patients are able to attain their best health much easier.

Humana’s MA plans help improve patient health

Here are a few ways that Humana plans help to improve patient health:

  • Their Medicare advantage plans kick off with the integrated care model as well as a focus on primary care. Doctors together with their teams can then take full responsibility for their patient’s health.
  • Humana’s MA plans places strong emphasis on coordinated care, preventive care, better transitions from hospital to home, and special care programs.
  • Some benefits you can enjoy with Humana include supports and special services you normally wouldn’t get with Original Medicare. An example of this is social/ behavioral care, follow-up phone calls, on-call nurses that are available 24-hours, as well as home visits and meal-delivery after your stay in the hospital.
  • A constant flow of data, which detects gaps in care in real time helps to support care delivery while also making sure that those gaps are filled quickly.

All of these come together to make a difference in the quality of your life and health. Members of Humana MA plans have fewer re-admissions, emergency room visits, and hospitalization. They also observe an improvement in their daily activities. Members of Humana at Home, for example, observed that they experienced fewer pains, fewer falls, their moods improved so they weren’t as depressed and as sad. They also adhered to their medication better.

Review of AARP Medicare Supplement Plans

The Original Medicare Plan does not cover all of the healthcare services needed by the people. Several gaps exist in the Original Medicare plan. AARP Medicare Supplement Plan, also known as Part C, help to bridge this gap. These plans provide coverage beyond what is provided by Original one. Part C combines Part A (hospital coverage) along with Part B (medical coverage) and offers all benefits of Part A & Part B as well as some additional benefits.

MA Plans are health plans offered by private insurance which are approved by Medicare, and endorsed by AARP. For running these, Medicare pays a fixed amount to different companies every month. In turn, these private insurance companies must provide services equivalent to the Original one.

So, actually how good are these options? Let us make a review.

Many older adults, upon reaching the qualified age, will enroll in AARP Medicare supplement Plans 2019 ensuring they avoid surplus medical bills.

What do MA Plans offer?

Medicare A offers hospital coverage and B offers medical coverage. MA Plans or Medicare Part C combines these two options and provides additional benefits and services not covered by Original. It offers additional benefits like routine dental, eye, and hearing check-ups, nursing services, wellness services and prescription drug coverage as part of Medicare prescription drug coverage (Part D), better known as MAPD plan.

Based on services covered, MA plans do score high.

How much MA Plans cost?

To be eligible for Supplement, you need to have signed up for Original A and B. You need to pay your Part B premium each month and additionally those costs might include premiums, copayments, coinsurance, and annual deductibles. Different types of Supplement such as Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs), Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs) and Private Fee-for-Service (PFFS) offer different benefits at different costs. Some options offer $0 monthly plan premiums and even coverage for many preventive services for zero copayment. However, the overall costs may vary depending on insurance company offering the plan and location where a plan is being offered.

Cost wise, MA Plans ensure that medical expenses do not create a hole in your pocket.

As one can see, MA Plans offer plenty of benefits not covered in the Original Medicare. They also offer flexibility in terms of receiving care from provider of your choice, whether he or she is inside the network or outside the network. Moreover, different MA Plans offer different benefits along with features, which are affordable so they can fit a variety of healthcare needs.